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Nancholi Youth Organization Video

During the month of May I organized a video workshop with Malawi Instute of journalism students. This video was filmed and edited  with..

July 18, 2012 with 0 Comments

Secret Women

In Chichewa, the widely-spoken language of southern Malawi, being pregnant or “kunkhala ndi pakati” translates to being in the middle..

June 29, 2012

Take it slow, my Canadian friend.

I’ll never forget my first day in a Malawian newsroom. I came in eager, ready to utilize countless hours of preparation and training done..

June 28, 2012 with 0 Comments

Revamping the Malawi Police Service

“I was detained, in jail for 7 days for no reason,” said Comfort Chitseko, who was arrested by Malawi police in October for allegedly..

June 26, 2012

Empowering Malawian women one seed at a time

Across Malawi, 5000 women have been trained by Annie Bonomali, a mother of six who’s been involved in making products such as soap, jam..

June 24, 2012 with 0 Comments

“Mind the gap” – The crippling impact of HIV/AIDS on family composition and elderly Malawians

The old “respect your elders” adage has customarily been an important part of Malawian culture, with the elderly able to depend on the..

June 22, 2012 with 0 Comments

When beggars should be choosers – How the promise of remuneration is heading off freedom of movement and free choice of employment in Malawi

Not long after cutting their teeth, North American children are encouraged to call forward their dreams and consider the question, “What..

June 17, 2012

Driving change in Malawi – Signposts and speed bumps on the road to gender equality

With two hands gripping the steering wheel and the right turn signal flashing, 21-year-old Vanessa Nsona’s concentration does not waver..

June 15, 2012 with 1 Comment

Experiencing the “real” Malawi: A media development journey in Nancholi.

  A month ago I was approached by George Nedi, projects coordinator at the Nancholi Youth Organization (NAYO), to produce a short..

June 4, 2012 with 0 Comments

“Meating” halfway – The growing importance of soy in Malawi

Skewered meat sizzles on kickstand grills along the main M1 highway, a whole pig is slaughtered in an open-air butcher’s market shack, a..

June 2, 2012 with 0 Comments
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