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Meet the Tognis: Las familia Circo

Yecid’s clothes don’t fit him quite right, his shoes are four sizes too large, his left wrist sometimes pops out of place and it always..

April 23, 2012 with 0 Comments

Down the road to BASCO

Vida sits in a scratched wooden chair beneath the only coconut tree in a clearing. She has a series of line scars next to her eyes and..

March 19, 2012 with 0 Comments

One more round for Little Rabbit

We met at a bar in Adabraka. He’s short, just shy of five and a half feet, though powerfully built. His rowdy appearance intensified by..

March 14, 2012 with 0 Comments

Justice be done in public: Ghanaian identification parades

She wears an intricately woven blue dress, fresh black high-heels and ties a matching scarf around her head to keep long braids away from..

February 28, 2012 with 0 Comments

Going home: The first plane out of Budum buram

After more than two decades in Ghana, some Liberian refugees will soon board planes bound for home. This first step in repatriation comes..

February 23, 2012 with 0 Comments

Who Owns the Land?: Deconstructing Joma

Clemente’s house is one of the few buildings in Joma with a roof. In fact, it’s one of the last structures still standing in the..

February 16, 2012 with 0 Comments

Gutter gardens: MH-37’s toxic run-off

Accra’s Military Hospital No. 37, was built during the Second World War and it’s obsolescence is becoming evident. About a year..

February 11, 2012 with 0 Comments