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About Speak

Speak magazine is an online, interactive magazine that publishes and discusses Rights Media. Rights Media is the process of writing, collecting, editing, producing and distributing media that creates societal dialogue on human rights issues.

Our writers curate the diverse voices and often contrasting perspectives found within every story. With a focus on the complex, layered and fractured nature of human rights and governance stories, we mainstream these issues through, progressive, balanced and objective reporting. Writing within the narrative journalism tradition, we use the latest digital journalism tools to produce groundbreaking, engaging, writing and multimedia stories.

We focus on human rights and governance issues within the our unique local contexts. Connecting our writers unique insights, background and interest with these local stories proves a powerful combination in crafting unique and compelling prose, while maintaining  the voice and complexity of our stories intact. We firmly believes in the impact strong, balanced, objective student journalism can have on discourse at a local, national and international level. And create real change within the lives and issues our stories cover.

About JHR

JHR (Journalists for Human Rights) is Canada’s leading media development organization. Our goal – to make everyone in the world fully aware of their rights – is as unique as it is powerful.

About_JHRSince JHR’s founding in 2002 the organization has worked tirelessly to strengthen independent media in sub-Saharan Africa by building the capacity of local journalists to report ethically and effectively on human rights and good governance issues. JHR’s work ensures the media can play its rightful role as a referee between state and civil society.

The more people are aware and free to discuss human rights, the more they will hold their governments to account, leading to improved public services, less corruption, better economic opportunities and stronger democratic processes.

Between 2002 and 2010, JHR has:

  • Run programs in 17 Sub-Saharan countries.
  • Started Chapters at over 50 universities and high schools internationally.
  • Trained over 12,000 professional African journalists and students.
  • Engaged over 5,000 Canadian student Chapter members.
  • Partnered with over 250 African media organizations.
  • Reached an estimated 50 million Africans with human rights information through our local partners.

JHR's Values

jhr is an organization that:

  • seeks to eliminate the need for the work it does
  • creates change without creating dependency
  • runs needs-based programs with sustainable, long-term impact
  • works with local media on pressing local human rights issues
  • believes in the inherent equality of all human beings
  • respects all human rights equally
  • believes in the power of open and free discussion to create positive change
  • upholds the most stringent of human rights standards in its own operations
  • builds long-term and respectful relationships with its partners, volunteers, staff, funders and stakeholders
  • actively works with local partners in countries of operation
  • recognizes the power of all forms of media
  • ensures all projects and programs are ethically responsible
  • is non-partisan
  • respects local knowledge systems

jhr is an organization that does not:

  • deviate from its core mission or principles
  • create a need for itself
  • run short-term programs without substantive follow-up
  • provide band-aid solutions
  • prioritize one human right above another
  • assume it knows better than its local partners and stakeholders
  • provide monetary support to media outlets

How is JHR Different?

jhr is different — we don’t easily fit into standard boxes used to describe non-governmental organizations (NGO). Nor do we want to.

The first non-governmental organization of its kind, jhr is:

  • As much a human rights organization as a media development organization.
  • A pioneer of the concept of Rights Media, the central theme of all jhr projects.
  • The only media-related NGO focused exclusively on human rights reporting.
  • The only media and human rights organization that conducts long-term and daily on-the-job training with our partner media organizations.

Our unique and innovative programs set us apart from other international development efforts.

As jhr leads the way to making the media a positive transformative force in the world, we hope other individuals, NGO’s, schools and governments join the movement we’ve started.