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New regulations prohibit foreign media broadcasting in the DRC

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On Saturday November 12th, the Minister of Media and Communication in the Democratic Republic of Congo signed a decree to re-frame the law on the broadcasting of foreign radios and televisions in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For Lamber Mende, spokesperson and Minister of Media and Communication for the outgoing government, this decision is drawn from article 61 of Law 96-002 passed on the 22nd of June 1996 on the modalities regarding Freedom of Press. According to this decree, the law will no longer allow foreign media to broadcast continuously as is currently the case in the DRC.

The DRC’s Minister of Media and Communication also said that foreign media operating in the DRC have until December 12, 2016 to comply with this new regulation. The authorization for these undertakings ” to operate continuously in the sound and television broadcasting sector in the DRC is subject to an obligation of reciprocity and subject to a majority shareholding of the Congolese in the capital of the undertaking “ .

This decision comes at a time when the country is experiencing turbulence brought about by the political clashes between pro-government forces and parts of the opposition which call for the departure of President Kabila, who is nearing the end of his mandate.

In this tension between the two opposing sides, a public television journalist of RTNC in the Oriental Kasai Province was killed in his home by armed men in uniform late at night between Monday 14 and Tuesday 15 November.

By Munor Kabondo

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